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Ten Teenagers make it to Greece but who will start?

December 8, 2009

Or rather, for a change, who do you want to start

10 out of the 18 making it to Greece to play against Olympiacos are teenagers. Days like these don’t come along that often, if at all, so they should make the most of this opportunity.

Of course unlike the Carling Cup, the result will not matter as we have already claimed the top position in our group. So there will be no pressure to be in the mindset of achieving-a-result-at-all-costs.

Not all of the 10 youngsters will start the game so I’ll give my preferences as to who I want to see in the XI or at least some amount of game time tomorrow.

Francis Coquelin

Did well last year in the Carling Cup and hasn’t featured as much this year. He looks like the guy who will make those crunching tackles to win the crowd. His distribution amongst other technical and mental attributes will improve over time. I would like to see him and Eastmond in charge of defensive midfield duties.

Thomas (Tom) Cruise

How can you not consider this guy? After Watt, he is a dream for pun lovers. Left back by trade, to me he was one of the weaker members in that FA Youth Cup team but we will learn more about his character should he play tomorrow. With Silvestre leading the team, Cruise will most definitely play at Left back unless Arsene as Arsene is, decides to play someone totally different like I don’t know, Coquelin?

Kyle Bartley

Signed from Bolton in 2007, Kyle impressed in the FA Youth cup with his committment, determination and awareness. He led the defence well and constantly communicated with his team. His rapid development hasn’t gone unnoticed and he is of course captain of the Reserves. Verbal communication is not at the highest in the first team so it would be a welcome addition to have Kyle fulfil that duty.

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas

Shares a name with Eboue and has similar admirable characteristics. Jay seems like a guy unfazed by pressure. Last season he scored the decisive goal against Tottenham in the FA Youth Cup quarter final and set up a crucial away goal for Sanchez Watt with a Cesc-like pass in the final at Anfield. His time at Blackpool was fruitful too and he managed to score a wonderful goal at Doncaster. Like Eboue not only does he seem like a good character to have at the club, but Jay could potentially play in any outfield position.

Gilles Sunu

Ahh, Sunu. The Frenchman so good that apparently Barcelona wanted to poach him from us. Haven’t seen much of Sunu but he is strong physically and always one to trouble the balance of the opposition defence. He started against West Brom and from what I heard he didn’t fare too well but maybe he could be the man to cause a greek tragedy for Olympiakos.

Based on that, if I had to name my starting XI, it would be


Bartley   Song   Silvestre   Cruise


JET   Ramsey   Wilshere   Vela


Subs: Mannone, Merida, Eastmond, Randall, Ayling, Gilbert, Walcott.

Here’s hoping, eh!

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  1. arid permalink
    December 8, 2009 23:02

    theo and merida will start definitely ahead of Jay and Sunu respectively.

    walcott will be a support striker right side of the usual 4-3-3.

    Merida will be in midfield along with Coquelin/Song and Ramsey.

    have also heard Eastmond might start at right back as that is where he has been playing.

  2. BOOZY permalink
    December 9, 2009 00:11

    ridiculous squad you have there.. bartley as right back. more like this.

    gilbert bartley sylvester cruise


    ramsey randall

    wilshere merida

    im really excited about seeing JET as a holding midfielder, wenger should seriously consider that, he may be our saviour when song goes to the ANC, cuz diaby and denilson are just $##&

    • mota permalink
      December 9, 2009 00:35

      JET as the DM? can I have some of what u’re smokin? i know he can play like, anywhere, but dude defense midfield ain’t one of them!!!!! there’s more chance of him playin in goal than ther. we have eastmond who did okay against liverpool n coquelin the terrier u dont wanna mess with with and not forgetting song! can’t believe u said that honestly.

      • December 9, 2009 01:07

        Taking Song to Greece in an insignificant match is risky. Unless Wenger is trying to get as many games out of him before he jets off to Africa. Either that or he thinks Song is hard as nails, unbreakable.

        Boozy I read somewhere that time is running out for Randall and Gilbert? Not sure whether they’ll start to be honest.

  3. qwerty permalink
    December 9, 2009 01:29

    i know the points don’t count like on whose line is it anyway but it is still a game to get excited about. olympiacos stadium is a fierce ground like most greek venues and the lads won’t find it easy. add to that the fact that they need a win and it really jack the lad has made the trip, isn’t greece like an hour or so ahead of uk time? by the time he comes back to london it will be like 3 hours past his bedtime. lucky kids!!

  4. December 9, 2009 05:09

    ya …. JET is a lazy style player who does not suit for DM role.

    My prediction would be




    I dont think Walcott will start as he is just into fitness.If at all he palys ,it will no be more than 60 minutes keeping the liverpool game in mind.

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