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Ten Thoughts on a Thursday

December 10, 2009

I couldn’t focus specifically to any of the points so they become part of a processed post. So, here they are, in no particular order as such.

1. Silvestre is fast becoming a player I appreciate. Not for his football ability per se but because of how he has handled unfair criticism and led inexperienced sides quietly without making too much of a fuss.

2. Talk about Theo’s regression is unfair and premature. Yesterday he completed 90 minutes, a rarity for Walcott. Yes he lacked sharpness and the more time he had on the ball the worse his decision-making was. However, isn’t the latter true for most English players?

3. Theo could be more effective playing on the left side, cutting in. The same would apply for Wilshere who could do the same coming from the right flank. The result would be two players coming in giving support to the central striker. Didn’t Barcelona do something similar with Henry and Messi last year?

4. Ramsey’s performance last night was arguably his finest considering it was at an away game in a demanding atmosphere. If he continues to perform like that he could easily replace Cesc in the odd league game here and there especially if the captain needed rest.

5. Loaning Wilshere is not a good idea. If he is the best English talent we have, he should stay with us and wait for his chance. This is the equivalent of Everton sending out Rooney on loan to another club. Wouldn’t happen and it shouldn’t.

6. Another reason it isn’t a good idea is because our first team players can’t be trusted to stay injury-free. Jack might not be ready to start game after game but he can certainly come off the bench to make the difference.

7. Those who are on loan and want to be loaned out again like Lansbury, need to remember their gratitude. I remember a certain David Bentley going out on loan to Norwich and then Blackburn. They were successful spells but unfortunately the story has been tweaked to such an extent that our club is made to look like the guilty party.

8. Don’t want to raise expectations but I enjoyed Bartley’s debut. Hard to believe that he is only 18 and he certainly didn’t look out of place yesterday. It is unfair to single his aggressive tackle as the main reason for Leonardo’s goal.

9. Should you feel the need to single out anyone, it would be Gilbert. Kerrea was caught ball watching on couple of other occasions, something he isn’t guilty of otherwise. That he started was a major surprise as word on the street is that he could leave in January.

10. No doubt that Vela didn’t bring his shooting boots to the game last night. At present he seems more of a magnet to the defenders than to the goal. If he wants to learn, he could watch Owen’s hatrick against Wolfsburg to see how it is done.

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