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Seems like Renewal is Arsenal’s buzz word this year

January 1, 2010

I’ll start by wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year. May the year be one where you have the very best of health, wealth and happiness.

It is a new decade (I actually debated briefly whether it started today or next year in 2011). For us it couldn’t begin on a better note, well it could. But like I said before, being top around this time, is more a curse than a blessing. I think Chelsea are finding this to be true and by the time they realise, either us or United would have long overtaken them.

 Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen several players extend their existing contracts with the club. Recently, Diaby became the 12th first teamer commit his future. Another first team hopeful Lansbury has also signed a new deal. I’m surprised that Arsene has talked him up so highly and yet he will stay at Watford for the rest of the season. The current situation in midfield in so delicate that I wouldn’t rule out Lansbury being recalled as a back up solution.

Whilst the news of 12 first teamers signing new deals is good news because we don’t want repeats of Flamini and Pires happening, I’m still just a little bit anxious. Gallas’ contract runs out in the summer and his name didn’t feature in that list. Even though we have been defensively hesitant at times as a collective unit, individually our defensive players have done well. Gallas has been an inspiration to Vermaelen and I hope that his contract is renewed as soon as possible. Replacing him wouldn’t be easy and I can’t think of too many defenders that would slot in his place effortlessly unless he was the marquee signing.

As I said, renewal is the theme at Arsenal this year. Which explains why Arsene is considering bringing Senderos in for the FA Cup game vs West Ham. I honestly felt that Phillipe would leave in the January transfer window when he didn’t feature in the game in the dead rubber match in Greece. However it looks as if the real reason for his absence was because of the “inflammation under his foot” and the subsequent pain that followed.

The start of the new year also means the start of the transfer window. I wonder how many Gooners at the stroke of midnight wished one another “Happy new year! the Transfer Window is now open!”. If you happened to greet someone using those exact words, I salute you.

As one definition of renewal reads as “replace something used”, could we see a new face or two? I don’t think we will sign more than one player if we do and if I asked you where exactly we need that one player, I would get different responses, which of course you are welcome to leave on here. My preference would be for us to sign a striker. Yes I know I’ve changed my tune but a new striker would mean Arshavin would slot back into the wide position where he is more effective.

There are other reasons I could mention as to why I think we only need a new striker but that is the most important reason. I’ll leave it there and before I finish off I was working on Arsenal’s funniest team of the decade. I’m half way towards writing that but I don’t know whether there is any point putting it up now.

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  1. Aniruddh permalink
    January 1, 2010 19:18

    I’ve been reading this blog for some time now and I have to say its the best Indian Arsenal blog around, you don’t easily come across many Indian football blogs anyway. Arsenal IMHO need two players at least to get us a piece of silver or two this term, A striker no doubt for one and probably centre half like Sakho, subotic, etc who given time can slot into gallas’s place once he leaves or his age take its toll ( that might happen straight after the world cup I think). Its so sad that we cannot recall players loaned abroad or else we could have had nordviet back.

    • January 1, 2010 20:49

      Ah Aniruddh, thanks you are too kind. can’t believe you worked out this blog is written by an Indian. The secret is out now people. All thanks to Anirrudh!

      Interesting you think Sakho/Subotic (whilst they are both good options they are young) could really slot into Gallas’ role? Personally I reckon its going to be a tough one man. Unless Vermaelen rapidly steps and takes the mantle of experienced defender.

      Who do you recommend as a striker?

  2. Digger permalink
    January 1, 2010 19:50

    I would tentatively agree with the need for another striker, van Persie is a definite no-no, Bendtner we don’t know what will happen to him when he’s back, will he break down again?, Eduardo looks nothing like the player he was, and Walcott can’t sneeze without being sidelined for 2 weeks, as for centre halves , no, I mean what is the point of sending the likes of Nordtveit on loan to then bring in someone to hinder his and the likes of Bartley and Djourou’s progress?

    • January 1, 2010 20:48

      Agree with you on RVP and Bendtner but not sure on the Eduardo point. You are still true but the man badly lacks confidence. I blame the dive gate affair. Mental block and all that. In a way that was a bigger setback than the injuries. Sticks and bones …

      Yeah I want to see more of Bartley but keeping Gallas is very important. That was my point.

  3. venky permalink
    January 1, 2010 20:22

    We need a striker,not neccessarily a strong and well built one as many believe,but rather a FINISHER -in the ilk of Torres /Villa-who is capable of finishing atleast one out of two chances.we create so many chances but they end up in nothing.A CB who can play DM role.These two would take us to greater heights for seasons to come

    • January 1, 2010 20:48

      I believe the finisher you talk about we already have in Eduardo and Vela. Sadly the crosses and the positioning aren’t in sync. I think something 10 crosses/passes into the box never make it to the player. When the ball is in the box, Eduardo comes alive. The goal vs Hull is an example of this. Against Burnley who were tough but fair, Dudu didn’t have the mental sharpness to execute his chances.

  4. Karthik permalink
    January 2, 2010 05:10

    Gallas is on the decline, why not buy Mertesacker? He’s big, strong and very reliable. Metzelder is another option. Anyway, Le Boss knows best. In Arsene We Trust.

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