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It is time for us fans to show a siege mentality

April 19, 2010

I started this blog as someone who thought he knew a lot better than the existing playing and non playing Arsenal staff. My first post was pessimistic, skeptical – negative to say the least. As I began to look around for other blogs (something I really should have done before as I didn’t know of the blogging scene), I read some of the most positive stuff written about our club that can leave us feeling frustrated. I also came across some really negative stuff written about the club we love.

After reading how Zamora was irked about the abuse he received on internet forums, I began to assess how critical I could be. Professional players they may be but they can make mistakes on and off the field and we need to more understanding. They are human like you and me.

Yesterday however, when the final whistle went I was angry. All this season I’ve tried to downplay disappointing results and focus on the positives. But not yesterday. Tried as much as I could but my glass my not even half empty. There was barely a sip in it. The only other time where I was largely negative was after that draw at West Ham. In a way that was possibly a worse result than the one yesterday. We had a much stronger team then and somehow threw away the 2 goal advantage.

But even if the team was missing key first team personnel (5 were definitely out, RVP not quite fit to start), there was no way we should have surrendered so readily as we did. Did we deserve our goals based on the performance at the time? I’ll glady admit that on the whole it wasn’t. At that point they only players who were doing well for me were Sol, Rosicky and Theo. Individual moments of magic can change a game for good but collective effort can seal a positive result. The latter was desperately missing.

As poor as we were, Wigan were terrific. It takes a special kind of motivation to thrive in adversity and Martinez’s men had it. Even before Walcott scored the first, they looked a lot more sharper than us. Then they could have had a penalty before Silvestre scored but didn’t get it. We couldn’t find any rhythm in our passing for the first 20-25 minutes. But that is done now. We need to put that past it us.

No doubt there is a lot of venemous stuff being written around at the moment. If they can do so when we’ve lost in the CL semi final (how distant would that be if we finish below 4th!), they will definitely do it again. It is their right even I don’t agree with such extreme resentment. Arsenal is the only club to have so many blogs about. We can’t afford to encourage the media and those who are anti-Arsenal to equip themselves with some more ‘Arsenal are the worst club ever’ rhetoric. We still have a lot of positives to take on the whole so far and it would be foolish to ignore that. Having been tipped to miss out on the Top 4 altogether before the season began, we’ve done rather well right until injuries deprived us of our stellar players like it has now.

We have to stay together and back the club we love. We can’t be passive, hesitant, skeptical when it comes to showing our support. The team that will play won’t be the best but with our support they can try harder to get up there.

While we are alive with fervour, no way are Man City going to walk all over us next weekend.  No way will they and Spurs do the unthinkable and overtake us. It is time to create a cauldron where our team knows we back the club and in doing so backing everyone within it. Maybe just maybe this might be the turning point that will change Arsenal for a lot better.

We have two home games remaining. Let’s make the most of it as fans. Here’s hoping the players will reciprocate and perform for Arsenal.

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  1. April 20, 2010 07:10

    Yidi yadi ya! Too little too late..y nt blog about inter vs barca? Serious teams, serious managers etc..arsenal just isnt the same anymore

  2. April 20, 2010 07:51

    the truth is AW has made bad decions this season. 1 he gave the FA cup tie 2 stoke by resting players n then we went on to draw the next game n lost the follow two games. 2, he kept vp on the bench when he should av started. 3, he should av signed a striker in jan coz we short n facing big games. 4, he has confidence in G. keepqs who has cost us more than 10 pts. surely we had a better chance of wining the league had he made the right decions

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