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How Billy G could command 80k* p/w

May 13, 2010

You know what I don’t get sometimes? How newspapers are confident enough to throw a figure to a wind up story. Arsene has £40 million to spend. He will buy buy buy. Here is the list *100 players linked to Arsenal, Arsenal Youth, Arsenal kids but none to Arsenal Ladies*.

I mean Arsenal could have offered Gallas just 80k but they could have also offered him 80k and a bag of Werthers Originals per week couldn’t they? On. a. one. year. deal.

Back in January I was slightly worried that Gallas’ name didn’t feature in the list of 15 players who renewed their contracts with Arsenal. Indeed it says a lot about our club that none of the 15 who signed on were defenders. Unless you count Song, JET and Lansbury (he can play at right back). Back in January, Arsene revealed he had preliminary talks with Gallas. At that time I was thinking “preliminary”? Sign him up boss. Vermaelen was loving his partnership with Gallas.

Billy G was the perfect player according to Arsene wasn’t he? He does his job and shuts up. Two months later and it all caught up. Gallas would be ruled out for the reason yet again. That is 2 seasons in a row where he didn’t play the last 6 weeks.

Last year without him, Utd outplayed us in the CL semi’s. This year we lost our way in the Premiership and the CL. It helps to put in perspective why contract talks still haven’t reached a definite conclusion yet. 80k a week is good value if

1) He spoke a little more. You know, being senior defender and all. Lack of communication contributed to our defensive lapses and it is no surprise that the one game where Clichy spoke we kept a clean sheet. Billy G could definitely do that.

2) a clause was inserted whereby he would forfeit about 50% wages if he missed a month or so, especially the last 6 weeks.

Come to think of it, maybe we should do this for all our players. Except Cesc. All men are equal, some more so than others and all that.

No Billy G deserves a new deal but IF we are to believe what the papers say, he has to show a bit more common sense. After all, he is the one who left Chelsea to join us. And he could have earned a lot more if he was still there. Perhaps he ought to remember why he joined Arsenal and then everything else will follow. If after that he thinks circumstances including the money isn’t right for him to stay then fair enough, he should go wherever he wants.

Trouble for us then is that who would be able to replace him and that too at Wenger value? Actually I would like to know names at these point. People who follow other domestic leagues feel free to speculate who Arsene could bring just generally. Not names from football manager or any other SIM games. Years ago Bramble was meant to be the next big thing. Enough said?

Anyway back to the Billy G issue. You can’t expect Sol to play the number of games Gallas did. It could be the Flamini situation all over again. I just hope some sort of compromise comes out and Billy G dances with us rather than moonwalk past Arsenal into a comfortable but not as challenging environment.

PS: In 2008-9 we conceded 37 goals. Too many that year. The season just gone we conceded 41 goals.  Gallas or no Gallas the team must put more effort to prevent a further decline of the defence.

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  1. cescfiberglass permalink
    May 13, 2010 22:29

    One question…. When everyone says defensive weakness. They surely can not JUST MEAN our center backs.

    GOALTENDING was also a BIG part of those 40 some goals we let in. Gallas and Vermaelaan are a crazy tandem.

    BUT poor goaltending has definitely cost us MORE than 10 goals. Not necessarily DIRECTLY,but indirectly- such as poor clearances, mis handles, no command etc.

    People are just saying defense is the number one issue. Its a Combination of Defense AND Goaltending.

    We definitely need a World Class keeper, and one more solid CB.

    We will have DJ and Campbell as backup, but mostly DJ. Campbell can play every 5 games if needed, or in carling/FA cups.

    Gallas give him 1 more year at his 80,000k he wants, and then you don’t have to worry about signing a new CB. DJ will provide good challenge.

    But a goaltender is a must.

    And I also like YAYA Toure rumors. (cesc, YaYA and Song in the mid………unstoppable!)

  2. Demented Gooner permalink
    May 14, 2010 09:29

    Bramble? Before we laugh at the thought – didn’t he score Wigan’s equaliser when they beat us less than a month ago, a pivot-point goal which basically killed off our last gasp at the title?

    • gunnerstoday permalink*
      May 14, 2010 17:46

      ahh I knew somebody was going to mention that. Yes that is true. Bramble though hasn’t lived up to the promise he showed at Ipswich.

  3. gooner gal permalink
    May 14, 2010 11:00

    So our defence is a problem again! Some people people are asking in view of this current debarcle with Gallas was it right to sell Toure? well yes…

    Toure’s performances have seriously declined and he wanted to go – Wenger did the right thing. I think its a better scenario than him having a season like he’s had and us having to get rid of a long serving player (Gilberto) whom no longer is up to it, but wants to stay.

    Toure has not retired internationally and it was all too predictable that he would return from the African cup of nations and not be able to play. Nothing wrong with going but the strain on the body takes a toll and as you get older – as it takes longer to recover. Playing in CL, EPL and FA cup would be too much for him on his return.

    Gallas in theory on the other hand had the target of making the world cup and in theory should of been available for longer…..

    I said from the start of the season Gallas would put in fantastic performances for us this year, not for Arsenal FC, Le Proff, the team or to really win something – but so he could earn himself a better contract at Arsenal or somewhere else. Who ever buys him and I am going to be a bit contriversal here by saying I hope its Spurs, will see a sharp decline how steep depending on the contract offered.

    If the truth be told Toure and Gallas both let Arsenal down by failing to act like men and examples for the younger squad. They should of been able to work together, do the job and provide steady experience at the back. Sol has had to come back and show them up. As far as I am concerned neither showed towards the end enough reverence for wearing an arsenal shirt and because of this I am very happy to see them ply their trade elsewhere.

    Toure I still have a lot of respect for, but Gallas no.

    As far as I am concerned Gallas who didn’t do the lap of appreciation is already yesterday’s man.

    • gunnerstoday permalink*
      May 14, 2010 17:50

      I definitely agree that Toure and Gallas could have put aside their differences and carried on playing together for the greater good. Andy Cole and Sheringham did it so why couldn’t these two. It is harder to convince however either of those two to stay when the trophies aren’t coming. Besides Toure wouldn’t have the pressure if and when he joined City. Here’s a strange thought. If Gallas leaves, would you welcome Toure ? We ruled out Sol ever returning but he has shown his commitment, almost remorse for leaving in the first place and looks determined. Toure still loved Arsenal so if Gallas goes that awkwardness would not present itself.

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