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If you are visiting Gunners Today, that too here on the WordPress side, Welcome.

this blog, which was created in January 2009. Originally ‘The Gunners Avenue’ on, I decided to make the switch to WordPress. Why? Because of sheer frustration I guess. Besides everything here looks so much more better.

What is the point of Gunners Today when there are already enough Arsenal FC Blogs?

Admittedly I was a bit naive. When I started up at first I didn’t know how many Arsenal based blogs existed. It is truly incredible, there are so many of them. No other club comes close in having so many fan based blogs.

But, you can never have too many blogs can you?

One of the great things about this blog is that I’ve had visitors from over 90 countries and 200 cities. It really makes for a global affair and I love to hear from Gunners all over the world.

What can you expect from Gunners Today?

Mainly opinion pieces, but also light hearted posts either in prose or non-prose. I do the odd polls based post which is quite popular. And plans in place for more picture based posts which I hope give something to think about. As the saying goes, pictures speak a thousand words, so I hope they prove to be thought provoking as well.

Why trust Gunners Today?
Because it is written by a Psychology graduate. So feel reassured that I’m here not only to air my views/rant out loud but I’m also here to learn and to share information. It is education for you, it is education for me. And we try and keep it fun.

A final comment, I want to thank Ryusha for letting me use his images. For more check  out I’ve used two in the banner. Also I want to give credit to Shaun Botterill/Getty Images Europe, Timesonline and The Mirror for the pictures used.

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