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Win the midfield, win the game and more? Believe

August 14, 2010

Like you I can’t wait for the season to begin. Is it because I miss not watching Arsenal every weekend? No, not so much that but because at least we won’t have to read/discuss transfer speculation as much.
So we don’t have a new goalkeeper. Almunia or Fabianski will start at Anfield. Oh but they’re shit. They can’t catch, they can’t throw, they can’t save, they fall over, spit at people and sometimes even threaten people with plastic knives. We won’t win anything with them. Oh Really? Not even a game?
We need a central defender because we’ve let 4 go and brought just one. Ah yes, that makes sense. So, I dunno how about Spahic? Yeah, but I’ve never heard of him and he’s only the Bosnian captain. And to be honest I’d much rather have a player who I’ve actually heard of that can be our 4th choice defender.
A close friend of mine said to me “I wished we signed Joe Cole. He would have been a nice understudy for Nasri and Walcott.” What the fuck? Since when did we start thinking like the Man City owners?
And in case you’re wondering, I was being sarcastic in my analysis of Spahic. Just because we’ve never heard of Spahic as much doesn’t mean he’d be shit.
I mean England had all these big name players and how did they do in the World Cup? Exactly.
A supposedly better goalkeeper, strong reserves in defence could help. But what will really help is if our midfield manages to keep working hard until the last minute. Against Celtic in the Emirates Cup, we lost our way in midfield and Celtic took the initiative scoring twice. Once our midfield regained the ability to keep possession we were able to shut out Celtic. Of course there are defensive lapses but who doesn’t? Chelsea conceded more goals off set pieces than us didn’t they last season? Utd’s defence was suspect at times too. Liverpool’s defence was not so bad but where did they get them?
Carrying on with the analysis of our squad on paper then yes our team or squad if you will isn’t as strong as some of our rivals. But weren’t we saying the same last year? The fact is, even without our most astute forward Robin missing a large chunk of the season, we were STILL in touch with Utd and Chelsea. It was only when our midfield fell apart i.e. Song, Denilson, Cesc missing games (Remember the collapse at Wigan?) that we really lost our way.
Even if our team isn’t strong on paper, why should we be so overly negative? Burnley had a shit team but they got their act together to beat Utd. Wigan were woeful for most parts of the season but had enough to beat Liverpool, Chelsea and us. So if these teams are capable of beating the top teams why can’t we?
Believe. And a bit of luck. In a recent interview by Edu, he revealed how the invincibles almost defeated the opposition before they even kicked the ball. We were that intimidating. Times have changed. The Premiership is going to be more competitive this season. We can’t intimidate opposition as much as before. But we can go with this ‘We know we might not be the best but we will give our best’. For me, that is enough.
Forget all this transfer talk, get behind the team. We have a tough one on Sunday. Discard the fact that Liverpool finished 7th last season. New management and all that. They are going to be fierce. And our team needs our support. We might start with Frimpong. What a debut that would be for him. Wilshere could feature. Cesc and RVP might not. Theo needs all the love after a forgetful summer largely spent in the end laughing at the team that was England. It means supporting whoever is in Goal.
Basically each one of them needs our support. Who knows, we might even get a positive result.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 14, 2010 02:30

    to right mate

  2. Lol permalink
    August 14, 2010 09:07

    WTF…… On paper were not strong?…….LOL. I find that funny cuz on paper our starting XL is better that Man UTD’s, City, Liverpool, Tottenham we’ve got world class players in Robin van persie, Fabregas (Honestly the best midfielder in the premier league….. England need a REAL CM to dictate the play) Arshavin ( sometimes on and off but on his on day I feel for the best defenders cuz I’d be scared too…..), Sagna (top 3 best RB in the world), Gael clichy (top 3 best LB in the world) and vermaelen (as shown from last year) and we’ve got top players like song for me will be world class by the end of the season, samir nasri, chamakh, diaby (when his consistent >_>) and Ramsey and with young players improving all the time wilshere (exciting player), frimpong, vela, Gibbs (watch out clichy) and JET.

  3. Bongo permalink
    August 14, 2010 10:27

    Well said, don’t worry about Liverpool, we have Arshavin! Our team might not have the intimidation factor that the invincibles had but Arshavin has a special kind of intimidation for Liverpool. Just like Drogba has for us.

  4. Riccardo permalink
    March 7, 2011 20:31

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